Monday, July 30, 2012

My Lectures File Folder when I was Still in College

Good morning ... 
I did not post anything yesterday because I was busy helping my mother.
This morning I wanted to share a little story. A few days ago when I was cleaning up my stuff, I found a file folder of my lectures. It contained only a few sheets of cardstock that I stick with cutouts from magazines. Since college I was already doing a smash, it's just that I did not realize it.
Here are some photos of my lectures contents of a file folder (It's so funny if I see this again, I made it about ten years ago when I still teenager) 

This is the cover

 Look who was my idol LOL

So funny,,but this could be a distant memory.
 I think I will make the smash book using this folder.
Thanks for peeking :)

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